Customer Testimonials

“An accountant you can rely on, even in the ugliest of times.

Six years into my business, success being a slow but steady upward ramp function, I receive the letter that no one wants to receive. Ever.
My business was to be audited by the Internal Revenue Service.
Naturally, one’s reaction is not a comfortable one, to say the least. My first call was to my accountant, Mitchell Marks. I faxed him a copy of the letter, and we quickly made plans to get together.
Mitchell, in very short order, had a plan together of how to proceed: what to expect, and how to present data to the IRS agent handling our case. We responded to the audit notification, set up a meeting with the auditor and went about our combined tasks of gathering information.
The information gathering portion of an audit can be a daunting task, but one made significantly easier by detailed accounting practices set up by using QuickBooks under the tutelage of Mr. Marks. In the end, what appeared as daunting turned out to be straightforward once we got started.
We met once again to go over our data, and then proceeded to the actual audit. This is where it gets interesting……
Our auditor thoroughly scoured the information we provided and made attempts to catch us off-guard with some leading questions. With the guidance and expertise of Mitchell Marks, we coasted through each and every one of these loaded questions. The audit was over in one hour and twenty minutes. The result was what is called a “No Change Order” resulting in no fines.
Our auditor took a moment to address Mitchell and myself to inform us that in all her years of auditing, she very rarely issues a No Change Order.
I attribute this outcome to accurate bookkeeping and most of all, the expertise and guidance of a superb accountant, Mitchell Marks.”

Mike CudahyPresident Prototype Composites

“Mitchell Marks has done wonders for our business with financial advice and accounting. We are a small business that has only
been around for three years, and have been through 2 other accountants prior to Mitchell. He is the only one who has taken the
time to meet with management and go through our numbers, explain how the business is doing, and advised in several areas on
how to improve our tracking and reporting. He makes us feel like he cares, and his work and responsiveness to questions and
other needs that come up with running a small business reflect this.
Mitchell is very personable. The owners and management team appreciate the work he has done, and advice he has provided to
move our business forward. We highly recommend Mitchell Marks to any size firm that is looking for accounting or tax services.”

Dmitriy Pochtarev(Owner) theMINIclassy

“My company has worked with Mitchell Marks for years and we absolutely love the relationship we have built during this time. Mitch is very approachable and takes the time to answer our questions whenever we have them, in a language that we can understand. His expertise and professionalism allows me to work on growing my business without worrying about all of the new tax rules or bookkeeping. Over the years, we have built a friendship in addition to a great and easy working relationship. I value Mitch highly and would recommend him to anyone who is looking for a trustworthy, knowledgeable CPA who cares.”

Chris ShermanBrilliant DPI, Inc

“Mitch has done my taxes for the better part of 20 years, and the accounting for my business for 2 years. I have also known him for over 30 years. He does excellent work and there is no one I would trust more for all my accounting needs.”

Michael Hirsch

“As the owner of a photography business, there never seems to be enough hours in the day to take care of all the needs in the office aside from maintaining a busy travel schedule for shooting my photography assignments. One thing that never enters my mind is any concern for my accounting and tax needs. Mitch has taken that load off of my shoulders for the past twenty years.

Mitch’s thoroughness and timeliness on all of my accounting needs has never failed me. He is very good at explaining not only what he is doing for me, but also explains to me why he is doing it. I am in a business far removed from accounting and tax planning. With Mitch, I feel totally comfortable with my accounting and tax planning…..his easy, friendly nature has helped make it possible for me to concentrate on what I do best, and let him take care of what he does best.”

James Schnepf James Schnepf Photography, Inc.

“I have known Mitchell Marks and had the great fortune of placing my private business accounting in his most capable hands for over 13 years. What a relief it is to have a business associate that you can trust and is always dependable, honest, and hard-working. I cannot think of anyone I would recommend more highly than Mitch for those in business and needing the expertise that he offers. Thank you so very much Mitch–for the years of exceptional professional advice and management!”

Dr. Theresa Pardoe

“He’s a wonderful individual to work with… everything is planned out ahead of time.
He’s the kind of guy who can save you money in the long run.”

Jeffrey Ferstadt B & F Warehouse, Inc.

” For the last 5 years, I have had the pleasure of knowing Mitch and his staff and working with them on my business books and taxes. Always ready to answer any questions I might have and even if I need to ask the same question a second time, it’s okay because Mitch always seems to make time to answer me. I would highly recommend Mitchell J Marks CPA , LLC to any small business looking for a professional accountant who treats people with respect and a willingness to help with your tax or bookkeeping needs. “

Jill J OchoaCreative Extensions, LLC